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Insurance & Payment

Making a payment to us

for veterinary professionals

Your client will be given an estimate of costs at their pet’s first consultation.

If treatment is ongoing we will discuss treatment costs periodically so they will always be aware of the account balance.

Payment is required at the time of treatment or on collection of a patient.

When it is not possible for insured clients to pay for treatment, we will offer a direct claim, with a few selected insurance companies. Pre-authorisation can take up to several days and must be in place before treatment begins.

for Insured patients

Generally we ask that you settle your bill on collection and reclaim the costs back to yourself in line with your insurance provider. We find this is the quickest and most efficient way. You will be provided with an estimate of costs on admission.  Please note we cannot provide a quote as surgery can vary from patient to patient depending on your pets needs.

If, however you are unable to settle the bill in full we can offer a direct claim with some selected insurance companies.

These direct claims must be arranged in advance, prior to your appointment.

There is a £25 administration fee for all direct claims. The following steps should be completed before contacting us regarding your insurance.

Call your primary care vet to ensure a full clinic history has been sent to us.

Call your insurance provider and give permission for us (AVR) to discuss your policy with them. Also request a “pre authorisation”, sometimes these will require you to complete and sign your sections before forwarding them onto us by email (admin@avr.vet).

Please note pre authorisations can take several working days and often your insurance provider will not contact us directly to inform us, so we kindly ask that you contact them to confirm agreement.

In cases where a pre authorisation is not possible we would kindly ask that you settle with us direct and reclaim monies back to yourself.

On each visit to the clinic you must bring a claim form.

for Uninsured patients

We politely request that you settle your bill on collection. In extreme circumstances we can sometimes offer payment plans but these must be discussed in full prior to your appointment and are offered at the discretion of the practice manager.

Payment options

We accept cash, debit card & credit card.

Financial responsibility

You will be required to sign a consent form for the treatment of your pet.  This form will contain an estimate of treatment. We cannot provide a quote as surgery can vary from patient to patient depending on your pets needs.  In cases where we have agreed a direct claim with your insurance company there can still be some costs which are not covered by your policy.  These remain your financial responsibility and in signing our consent form you agree to these terms and accept the liability including any excesses and co-insurance that your policy may contain.

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